Quality tubes for water oxidation

We produce diffuser rubber tubes of the best quality for water oxidation, which can be used with pure oxygen or compressed air.

Perforated rubber tubes are already used in the fish farming industry to a small extent, but the perforated rubber tubes from Aeromatic are unique because they can be delivered with as many perforations as required without destroying the tube.

All requests are met

We also produce diffuser rubber tubes for backup systems, which are necessary if there is a power blackout. We can meet all requests regarding diameter, perforation per meter, and length. The perforations can be made in every design needed, so the tubes we deliver to you are perfectly tailored to your every wish.

When it comes to price we are fully capable of competing with other tube manufacturers and if you contact us we are always ready to make you an advantageous offer.


For specifications about perforated rubber tubes from Aeromatic click here

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